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Those of you who follow us online will have heard by now that Sydney Bar Week’s face-to-face events have all been cancelled. 

We will still host the 20th Annual Bartender Magazine Bar Awards in a digital format on Tuesday, 21 September from 7pm to 9pm. Doing a livestream is our Plan B but we intend to make it the best Plan B we possibly can.

Once we made the announcement our sponsors and the trade reached out to throw their support behind the event. So, what we have put into motion is an open invitation to our finalists venues to host their very own Bar Awards livestream event on Tuesday, 21 September. Many cities and towns have little to no COVID restrictions and will be able to celebrate with family, friends and their industry mates to share this livestream together in style.

No one is under any obligation to do this. You can watch the livestream from wherever you like. In your kitchen, in your living room or in bed (if you’re in lockdown still).

But if this sounds like a great idea to you, then keep up to date with the venues that are hosting “Bar Awards Livestream" parties at 

Check out all the finalists and find out more by clicking here.